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All charges include VAT at the prevailing rate of 20%, but are subject to change should the VAT rate increase. We reserve the right to amend our fees if we give you reasonable prior notice.

Offer stage

You should allow for the following payments when making an offer to rent a property:

Preparation of tenancy agreement (when using a Landlord Service  agreement, this may vary if a landlord uses his own agreement)

£210 per tenancy

Referencing – individual applicant or guarantor

£60 per person

Referencing – company tenant or guarantor

£66 per application

ID verification – additional adult occupant

£6 per person

Inventory check-in

£130 per tenancy

Holding deposit, typically

1 x week’s rent*


All offers are subject to contract and the holding deposit will be held against our expenses in processing your application. Please be aware that if you make an offer and later withdraw from this, then you may lose all or some of the above. Please ask us for further details.
*If your offer is accepted then this amount will be set off against the initial rental payment, so you are not making this payment twice.

References and Right to Rent

All applicant references are undertaken by an independent specialist referencing company. You will be asked to complete their online application form. 

You will need to provide us with proof of your right to rent a property in England, in line with the immergration Act 2014 and to prove your current address (such as an original bank statement, credit card, utility bill, council tax demand, etc. dated within the last 3 months). We will take a photocopy and return the originals to you. We cannot accept photocopies, faxes or scanned copies from you.

Offer accepted stage 

If your offer is accepted (subject to contract) then before the tenancy starts you will need to make the following payments to us by cleared funds, which are usually:

Rent (less the holding deposit already taken, as above)

1 x month’s rent

Security deposit

6 x week’s rent


However this may vary depending on the individual landlord’s instructions and requirements.  Further rents will be taken by direct debit from one nominated UK bank account.

All deposits held by us for assured shorthold tenancies will be protected by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS).

Renewal Charge

Preparation of renewal tenancy agreement £210 per tenancy
Further Right to Rent ID verification (if necessary) £6 per adult occupant 

Additional Charges


If you require a reference for a tenancy or mortgage, etc. £42 per reference

Amendments or changes to the tenancy terms

Should you wish to make any changes or amendments to the terms of the agreement once the tenancy has started then, dependent upon your landlord agreeing, we will draw up an addendum to the agreement.  

Addendum £120
(paid by the party requesting the amendment, but may be shared between both parties, if agreed)

Early release

If, for any reason, you request your landlord to agree to ending the tenancy earlier than the end date set out in the tenancy agreement (or in line with any break clause included in the tenancy agreement) then he/she does not have to agree to this.   However should your landlord agree, then he/she can ask you to reimburse him/her for any financial loss he/she might suffer as a result. This may include:

The equivalent of the letting fee already paid by your landlord to us from the date you wish to end the tenancy until the date you could contractually end the tenancy (calculated as a daily rate)


The landlord’s cost of the preparation of a new agreement


The cost of an inventory check-out



Change of sharer 

Your landlord does not have to agree to you changing any of the named tenants during the tenancy term.   However he/she may agree to do so subject to you reimbursing him/her for any financial loss he/she might suffer as a result of ending one tenancy early and creating a new tenancy. This may include:

The landlord’s cost of the preparation of a new agreement


The tenant’s cost of the preparation of a new agreement


The cost of an inventory check-out


Referencing proposed new tenant(s)/guarantor(s)

£60 per person

Re-referencing current tenant(s)/ guarantor(s) (at LL’s request)

£60 per person

Further Right to Rent ID verification (if necessary)

£6 per adult occupant

Inventory check-out


Tenancy deposit protection, including administration charge